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Tenugui / loquat leaf

Tenugui / loquat leaf

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“~Abundant colors~ Once-in-a-lifetime overlapping patterns and colors”

A mamesome tenugui with a deep layering of colors and a mysteriously gentle taste.

The world of Kyoto dyeing is condensed into a single tenugui.

The colors that feel deep are not created by toning, but are created by layering colors on multiple plates to express depth.

The colors bleed into each other, and even though they have the same pattern, each piece looks slightly different. We create a once-in-a-lifetime pattern.

The resist dyeing paste, which is made from rice, is washed off at the end to complete the process, but when you first use it, it has a crisp and sticky texture. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes. If you want to soften it quickly, wash it by hand with hot water to remove the glue and give it a new texture.

loquat leaf pattern

"Extended life and long life" "Good health"

Since ancient times, loquat leaves, fruits, and seeds have all been used for medicinal purposes, and they have often been decorated with patterns as a symbol of good luck. It has the meaning of ``prolonging life and longevity'' and ``good health.''

Once the seeds are sown, the loquat easily germinates and quickly grows into a tree, producing large leaves throughout the year. Loquat is a very vigorous plant.

It can be worn as a wish for one's own health and growth, or as a gift to celebrate childbirth, longevity, or good spirits.

Product size: 37 x 90 cm

Material: 100% cotton

made in Japan

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