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Fabric box pencil case / umbrella x butterfly and fan flowers

Fabric box pencil case / umbrella x butterfly and fan flowers

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A feeling of size that can fit a pencil case.

The stamp block fits perfectly in the stamp box.

Hobby tools. Ideal for storing vertical items such as brushes, scissors, and small knives.

The lid's pattern and the box's pattern are different, creating a lively combination that will lift your spirits.
The inside is also two-tone coloring.

The surface is padded with cushioning material, and the warm silhouette gives it a gentle feel.

It comes with a rubber band so you can carry it safely.

Umbrella pattern

"Good luck" "Development" "Talisman"

Umbrellas began to be patterned in the middle of the Edo period, and have the connotations of ``good luck'' and ``development'' as auspicious objects that lead to expansion.

It is also called a snake-eye umbrella because when it is unfolded, it looks like a snake's eye, and it has also been given the meaning of ``amulet from evil spirits'', as it is shaped like the eyes of a snake used by the gods.

This umbrella pattern, which shows colorful and rhythmic movement in the midst of a blizzard of cherry blossoms, is a very auspicious pattern that looks like a scene from Kabuki.

Butterfly and fan flower pattern

"Prosperity in business" "Prosperity of descendants" "Long lifespan" "Harmful marriage"

An auspicious pattern that resembles an assortment of lucky charms, with dancing butterflies and cranes, and a fan studded with cherry blossoms and maples.

There are a variety of patterns that are suitable for auspicious occasions such as weddings and ceremonies.

The butterfly's appearance of flapping its wings from a pupa to a butterfly suggests that it has a "progressive career" and "immortality."

A crane is more likely to live a thousand years than to live longer, and more likely to be a happy couple than to be together for a long time.

The fan, with its widening shape, wishes for "prosperity in business" and "prosperity of descendants" and success in the future.

This is a pattern that will fill you with a happy feeling just by wearing it.

Product size: H3.5 x W21 x D8 cm

Cloth pasted part 100% cotton
Inside the main body/inside paper

with rubber band

made in Japan

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