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Book cover Shinsho size / Yorori Tatsuki

Book cover Shinsho size / Yorori Tatsuki

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We make two sizes: paperback size and paperback size.

Accented with a ``bookmark'' with swaying beads made using Kyoto's traditional craft ``kumihimo''.

The handiwork shines brightly.

The combination with the soft cotton gauze lining on the inside gives it a gentle look.

I would be happy if men could also use the navy loquat leaf pattern book cover.

Yorori Tatsuki pattern

"Symbol of God" "Life force"

Both the standing tree and the wobbling striped pattern are not classic patterns from ancient Japan, but have their roots in imports from foreign countries such as India and Southeast Asia during the Nanban trade during the Muromachi period.

Trees are worshiped and believed all over the world as a symbol of "God", which represents the relationship between humans and nature, where a single tree is connected to the universe and all of life.

The "Yoroke stripe" pattern loved by stylish Edo people,
This pattern, expressed in the form of a "wobbly standing tree" with a feminine and soft impression, is an excellent pattern full of life that is loved all over the world, regardless of race, gender, or age.

Product size: 18 x 31 cm

Outer/Lining 100% cotton
Bookmark part silk 100%

made in Japan

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