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Book cover Shinsho size / Chrysanthemum arabesque

Book cover Shinsho size / Chrysanthemum arabesque

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We make two sizes: paperback size and paperback size.

Accented with a ``bookmark'' with swaying beads made using Kyoto's traditional craft ``kumihimo''.

The handiwork shines brightly.

The combination with the soft cotton gauze lining on the inside gives it a gentle look.

I would be happy if men could also use the navy loquat leaf pattern book cover.

Chrysanthemum arabesque pattern

"Extended lifespan" "Good health" "Prosperity of descendants"

The pattern is a combination of chrysanthemums and arabesques.

You can feel the vitality of the chrysanthemum petals and arabesque vines as they spread outward.

Also, since it was introduced as a medicinal herb, it symbolizes "eternal youth," "extended life," and "good health."
Arabesques also have strong vitality, and because they grow without interruption, they have the meaning of ``long life'' and ``prosperity of descendants.''

The chrysanthemum-arabesque pattern, which is a combination of chrysanthemums and arabesques, is appreciated as a very auspicious and auspicious pattern for celebrating longevity.

Product size: 18 x 31 cm

Outer/Lining 100% cotton
Bookmark part silk 100%

made in Japan

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