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Kinchaku S / Small chrysanthemum in running water

Kinchaku S / Small chrysanthemum in running water

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A rounded and warm triangular silhouette.

A mini talisman-sized mini kinchaku.

The size makes you want to put something in there.

It can also be used as a bag-in-bag by filling it with things such as sesame seeds from daily sesame journeys, sesame sweets, sesame cosmetics, and more.

Also recommended for gift packaging.

Small chrysanthemum maple pattern in running water

"Talisman" "Fire protection" "Long life extension" "Harmful marriage"

This pattern is a classic combination from the Heian period, depicting small chrysanthemums and maple flowers floating in flowing water. The constantly flowing water represents purity and is said to be a talisman to ward off misfortune and a talisman to protect oneself from fire.

Chrysanthemums are ``immortal,'' ``extended life,'' and ``good health.''

Kaede has "longevity"

Oshidori is "marital harmony"

This is a very auspicious pattern, like an assortment of auspicious patterns.

It will be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from celebrations of moving and new construction to celebrations of marriage and longevity.

Product size: 11.5×10.5 cm

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