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Multi-cloth L / Matsubamaru

Multi-cloth L / Matsubamaru

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As the name suggests, this is a cross that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The back side is double layered with soft cotton gauze.

The Marui Mamesome logo mark is an accent.

Take advantage of the horizontal shape to use as placemats, tableware, and interior mats.

It would also be nice to decorate a flower vase.

Of course, it is also perfect for displaying Japanese plants such as mini bonsai, moss balls, and wild flowers.

The charm of Mamesome is that it mysteriously fits when you try combining the Mamesome cloth with Western spaces, Western flower vases, and flowers.

The colorful crosses complement the flowers.

I would be happy if you could enjoy the seasonal patterns when preparing for the season.

Matsubamaru pattern

"Marital harmony" "Love fulfillment" "Extended life" "Good health"

Pine is an evergreen tree that keeps green leaves all year round and can adapt to harsh environments.It is said to be particularly auspicious among plant patterns due to its strong vitality, and is considered to be a representative auspicious pattern.

It is an auspicious pattern that not only has the meaning of ``long life'' and ``good health,'' but also the meaning of ``marital harmony,'' as the bases of the two pine needles are tightly connected and never separate.

There is a long tradition of wearing it as a talisman to pray for success in love.

It makes a great gift for weddings, silver and golden wedding anniversaries.

Product size: 28 x 48 cm

Material: Outer/Lining 100% cotton

made in Japan

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