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Tote bag / polka dot grid

Tote bag / polka dot grid

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Tote bag Mamesome's biggest item. A nice tote bag with a large size.

You can fully enjoy the charm of Mamesome textiles.

Although the handle is narrow, there is a core material inside, so it is durable and safe.

We have reinforced the weak point of cloth bags, which is the handle, so you can use it for a long time.

It has a pocket on the inside and is sized to fit a smartphone vertically.

You can enjoy using brightly colored items as accents to your outfits.

Polka dot lattice pattern

"Increasing financial luck" "Amulet"

The polka dot "circle" is truly a representative Japanese traditional pattern.

It has the meaning of ``having no horns is good luck'' and ``bringing good luck.''

In particular, red circles are considered to be auspicious and have been used in celebrations.

The round circle is also said to have the power of money and is an auspicious pattern that symbolizes "increasing financial luck."

It is said that the squares in the lattice are used to watch out for monsters, and also have the meaning of ``warding off evil spirits.''

Adult celebrations and weddings. Recommended for occasions celebrating the beginning of a new life, such as celebrating finding a new job or starting a business.

Product size: 41.5 x 41.5 cm

Material: 100% cotton

With inner pocket (pocket part H13.5cm x W14cm)

made in Japan

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