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Goshuin book / butterflies and fan flowers

Goshuin book / butterflies and fan flowers

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Its small appearance will make you excited.

It comes with a rubber band with the Mamesome mark on it, making it convenient to carry.

As a stamp book, as a bellows notebook, as a memory book of your trip.

It's compact enough to fit just one travel record, so it's fun to collect different patterns for each trip.

Since it has a rubber band, it is perfect for everyday use as a memo notebook by holding a pen.

Butterfly and fan flower pattern

"Prosperity in business" "Prosperity of descendants" "Long lifespan" "Harmful marriage"

An auspicious pattern that resembles an assortment of lucky charms, with dancing butterflies and cranes, and a fan studded with cherry blossoms and maples.

There are a variety of patterns that are suitable for auspicious occasions such as weddings and ceremonies.

The butterfly's appearance of flapping its wings from a pupa to a butterfly suggests that it has a "progressive career" and "immortality."

A crane is more likely to live a thousand years than to live longer, and more likely to be a happy couple than to be together for a long time.

The fan, with its widening shape, wishes for "prosperity in business" and "prosperity of descendants" and success in the future.

This is a pattern that will fill you with a happy feeling just by wearing it.

Product size: 16 x 11.5 cm Shrine size

Cloth pasted part 100% cotton
Body paper

32 pages (including the back of the cover)

with rubber band

made in Japan

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